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Music Programs for Primary Schools

Music programs for primary schools

Music lessons for school kids

Soar Music delivers a comprehensive, balanced music program tailored to the needs of your school. On site, on time and great value!

Highest quality teaching

We provide quality instrumental and ensemble lessons for children in small groups, working alongside any existing string, piano and co-curricular teachers. We also offer individual tuition for older children and organise AMEB exams.

Committed to performance

Students are tested and invited to enrol in the program. They commit to playing for a full school year in the school band. There are regular performances such as concert days, event days, festivals, Catholic liturgies (for Catholic schools) and even playing with a parents’ band!

Music programs for every school

Our goal is to establish, build and maintain a thriving, well-resourced instrumental music program for every school. Our kids deserve the best we can give.

Instruments we teach

Soar into music

Soar Music follows processes that clearly work. Our teachers have taken school bands to play at the Sydney Opera House and even overseas to Gallipoli for Anzac Day memorials!

We liaise closely with your child’s school to timetable lessons, rehearsals and concerts. We’ll send you a handy guide book with loads of helpful information. You’ll receive online access to check all the latest news for your school, as well as regular email updates. We happily answer your questions directly by phone or email.

Online payment is easy each term and you are kept fully informed of your child’s progress.

You might even join the parents’ band and play together with your child!

Parents play an important support role in the Soar Music program. Plus, you help to build an important legacy at your school as shared resources are collected for the program to grow and thrive.





What you get:

  • Recruitment information and demonstration sessions
  • Testing, offers and enrolment acceptance
  • Teaching, rehearsals
  • Performance, community engagement
  • Resources, maintenance and renewal
  • Reporting

Experts in Music Education

Soar Music has over 30 years’ professional experience in building music programs for schools, with an extensive network of teachers, performance capabilities and connections with world-renowned guest artists such as James Morrison, Greg Spence, Jacki Cooper and John Morrison. All of our educators hold a relevant Blue Card, teaching registration or Certificate of Currency.


Music supports learning

Uniquely Australian

Music helps children make sense of their lives and the world they live in.

Soar Music uses its own Band Method Book, based on 30 years’ teaching experience. It’s designed to help every student achieve success.

Our programs are unique as they specifically draw upon Australian identity and Catholic Christian ethos. Australian folk songs and hymns provide a rich cultural backdrop for students.

Are musicians smarter?

Quality music instruction, and especially learning to play an instrument, is proven to benefit all round academic achievement, developing mind, body and spirit. Students score better in maths, science and English compared to their non-musical peers, and they develop a deeper emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Creating is more fun with friends

Playing in a band teaches students how to work together in a non-competitive and positive team environment. Behavioural problems are reduced and social skills are enhanced. Children feel more connected to others and develop their self-belief.

Learning an instrument strengthens your brain

Learning to play music uses all your senses and strengthens connections between both sides of your brain. The eye-hand-mind coordination required to play an instrument improves fine motor skills. Kids improve their handwriting by practising music!

Music truly is a lifelong passion and skill that benefits your child for life.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I choose the instrument?

Instrument selection is very important to create the best conditions for success by the student in their initial musical studies. We also consider the bigger picture to create a balanced school band, with an appropriate range of instruments to play together. A specific process of testing is conducted to assess each child’s preference, current aural skills aptitude and physical suitability for various instruments. If your child is ready to start, an instrument is nominated for them, based on the testing results. If for some reason your child really does not want to play the selected instrument, we ask you to please contact us to discuss an alternative option. There are usually several options that will work for your child.

Do you teach online?

Yes, we will be teaching online if it is necessary.

What does it cost?

Tuition fees are to be paid by the start of each school term. Sometimes there is an additional small fee for the Band Method book which the students use for all their lessons, practice and rehearsals. Specific costs are provided at the Information Sessions during each school’s recruitment process. The total cost is extremely reasonable for the value received.

How long must my child practice?

Initially, students should practise at least five minutes x five days each week. Gradually, this time should increase as skills develop.

I’m not musical. How do I know my child will be any good?

We do specific testing with each child before making an offer of enrolment. If we think your child isn’t quite ready, we will advise you to wait. Once enrolled, we work with your child to help them achieve to the very best of their ability. Our program is designed specifically to help them succeed.

Who buys the instrument?

Parents are required to supply the instrument for their child. We facilitate contact with reputable music stores who have hire and / or purchase plans available. We don’t take commissions from these stores. We do, however, happily provide advice about obtaining a quality instrument. Years of experience have given us confidence in our instrument selection advice. Over time we will be able to provide instruments for hire as we build the Instrument resources at the school. This would include more expensive instruments such as: Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, French horn, Euphonium.

How often will my child perform?

As frequently as possible. Performance is an important part of the Soar Music program and a fantastic way to celebrate and showcase the achievements of students and various ensembles. This may include (but not be limited to) Beginner Band days, end-of-term school concerts and Queensland Catholic Music Festival participation.

When does my child have lessons?

Students receive small group lessons for 30 minutes each week on a rotating timetable coordinated with their classroom teacher and the school timetable. A minimum of 8 lessons per term from a possible 36 lessons offered throughout the school year. Rehearsal times are also scheduled.

I’m a principal. Can you start a music program at my school?

Soar Music is keen to discuss how we can help you deliver a quality music program. Please contact the Director, Catherine Esbensen on 0422 852 552.